When you're smiling.....


Modern dental methods to improve your smile line and fix crooked and broken teeth

The whole world smiles with you; or at least that is how the lyrics to a well known song go. The reality for many people though is that they simply don’t feel like smiling. This may be because they are not feeling on top of the world that day, but even for those that are, there can be a great reluctance on the part of many people to smile and reveal the teeth that they are not proud of.

Even though most of us probably were advised by our parents to brush our teeth, not eat too many sweets and go to the dentist regularly; given an opportunity, this was generally advice that most of us ignored and are paying the price for not believing that ‘mummy knows best’ .

Thankfully, it no longer needs to be a lifetime sentence of a frown instead of a smile. With the advent of cosmetic dentistry, it is possible for most teeth imperfections to be corrected without too much trouble.

The following are the main problems and solutions that people look for from a cosmetic dentist:

Discoloured Teeth

If we smoke or drink red wine then there is a good chance that our teeth are heavily stained. Even if we don’t though, our teeth naturally darken as we get older and become discoloured. For the lightly discoloured, a tooth whitening procedure is an excellent option and will give instant improvement., For the heavier stained teeth though, dental veneers are perhaps more suited to the job.

Missing Teeth

Depending on the number of teeth that are missing, there are several options available. The most obvious of these is the denture, but more advanced techniques now mean that individual missing teeth can be replaced with a dental implant, whilst several missing teeth can be replaced with a fixed bridge using dental implants to hold it firmly in place.

Crooked Teeth

This is one which a lot of people in the UK have as most of us did our best to avoid braces when we were in our teens. Because of this, we are left with crooked teeth, a popular favourite with American comedians! There are though, now many choices of adult braces which are available and which are far more discreet than traditional braces that most of us probably think about when we think of dental braces. The most ‘invisible’ of these is the Invisalign brace. This is an excellent product but unfortunately also very expensive and takes a significant amount of time to take effect. One of the most popular orthodontics at the moment seems to be the fast six month smiles treatment. This focuses only on the visible teeth and although it does use brackets and wiring, it is much more discreet and taking an average of six months to work at around half the cost of Invisalign, there is no wonder perhaps that it is popular.

Using one or more of these procedures could yet correct any problems that you may have with your teeth and enable the whole world to smile with you once again.