The most accessible ways to a new smile are.....?

Quick and affordable ways to an enhanced appearance

We take many things for granted when we are young. For one, we never really expect our bodies and features to deteriorate; life just seems eternal for most of us until we reach into adulthood when the inevitable decline starts to be a reality, though thankfully one that most of us can put aside for most of our lives.

Even so, we do gradually start to notice those little things like our hairline receding whilst at the same time, hair sprouts in the most unusual of places. Sadly science has not yet found a foolproof method of preventing baldness but it has gone a long way to finding ways to keep us looking well and healthy and nowhere is this more noticeable than in the state of our teeth, something which the British are perhaps not best known for.

With most of us eating a diet that is too high in sugar, there is perhaps little wonder that we suffer with our teeth. Couple that with a reluctance to visit the dentist as often as we should and we have a ready made disaster.

There does come a time though when we look in the mirror and perhaps feel ashamed at how we have let our teeth become yellow and chipped and wonder if there is anything that we can do about it.

A recent survey of people in a Leicestershire town found that visits to a dental practice in Ashby were not as frequent as they could be and some people had not been for a number of years. Strangely perhaps, a good number of these also said that they would visit if their teeth could be made to look nicer. Hopefully the news that there are a number of procedures which can do this will have them queuing up at the door of dental practices across the county.

Tooth whitening options

The quickest cheapest and easiest procedure that they may have done is a tooth whitening procedure. This takes only around an hour and is relatively inexpensive, yet the results can be pretty spectacular with an improvement by a factor of seven or eight often seen.

Dental veneers

If your teeth however are badly stained and tooth whitening proves to have not enough impact, dental veneers are the next option. This can be fitted to the front of existing teeth in a similar manner to false fingernails. Not only do these improve the whiteness of your teeth but also cover up all manner of imperfections such as chips and cracks and can even be used to close gaps between teeth.

Once these two avenues have been pursued, most people will have better looking teeth. However, fort those whose teeth are badly damaged, dental implants or an all on four procedures to fix a fixed bridge into place may be the best options available to give a person a great smile again.