Why is cosmetic dentistry increasing in the UK?


A rise in popularity as more dentists offer 'high-end' treatments like dental implants

Have you noticed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to register with an NHS dentist these days? Some say that this is down to the drip drip progress towards the privatisation of health care in the UK whilst others say that the competition has raised the standard of dentistry in the UK.

Of course, it is also argued that this provides an ‘us and them’ approach to dental care with some receiving only basic dental care whilst others get the cream so to speak. Whatever the reason though, there is virtually no doubt that we are seeing an increase in the number of cosmetic dental practices that are opening on high streets everywhere, with a great number of them seemingly moving into more retail style premises rather than the old Georgian House kind of practice that many of us are used to. Of course, many dentists have realised that they can significantly increase their income by offering private dentistry, some though retain their ethics and also offer NHS work alongside their private work. So, why would someone choose a private dentist over a NHS one?

Well, whilst both sectors offer an excellent service for day to day procedures such as fillings and extractions, the fact is that many cosmetic dental procedures are simply not available on the NHS. There is debate around whether some of them should be though, and whilst it would not be possible to justify the inclusion of tooth whitening on the NHS as it is purely a ‘cosmetic’ treatment, there could be a great deal of justification for including dental implants on the NHS as not only do patients benefit from them on a cosmetic level, they also significantly increase the functionality of a persons mouth, especially when it comes to eating etc.

Of course, the cost of including these on the NHS would probably be prohibitive for now but perhaps the day will come. In the meantime though, many dentists including this one offering dental implants in Ashby will continue to thrive as people look to improve not only the functionality but also the appearance of their teeth. If we look back at previous centuries, the nation’s teeth were a real mess, some, especially the Americans, may say that they still are, but there is little doubt that the formation of the NHS has improved the condition of our teeth, and perhaps the new private cosmetic dentistry sector is likely to continue this improvement as they become more and more a standard feature of our high streets.