The following are just a sample of the cosmetic dentisty treatments available in Birmingham.

To enquire about the full range of cosmetic dental treatments available in Birmingham, Please contact your local dentist.

Tooth Whitening
Sometimes called tooth bleaching, this procedure is best carried out by a practising dentist. Usually a single visit to the dentist to have the procedure to whiten the teeth will result in a significant improvement leaving you free to smile, unhindered by discoloured teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment
From the Greek 'to straighten', this procedure is often carried out solely for cosmetic purposes. However, it also ensures that you have a correct bite which is important for the health of your jaw as well as your teeth. Years of an incorrect bite may lead to more serious problems further down the line.

Dental Implants
A dental implant is placed into the jawbone through precision drilling into the jawbone. The 'root' which is made of titanium or titanium alloy, due to its bonding properties, is then placed into the bone. Once this has bonded with the jaw, the crown is placed on top of this. After a little initial tenderness, this will shortly settle down leaving you with a strong, successful and long lasting tooth.

Root Canal Treatment
Despite the horror stories about root canal treatment; essentially the root referred to is the softer inner part of the tooth and in the treatment, this is removed and filled. Unless an abscess is present (and if it is, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics and ask you to return when they have taken effect) there should be no pain felt. As with a standard filling, a local anaesthetic will be given which will numb the area of the tooth the treatment is being carried out on.

Sometimes called a 'pontic', a bridge is a false tooth, or sometimes several teeth, which are fused between two crowns to fill a space where teeth are missing. Because they are bonded together, they can not be removed in the same way as dentures and therefore should be cleaned and taken care of in the same manner as an original tooth would be, with regular brushing and flossing.

Dental Caps
Dental caps are sometimes used when the root system of a tooth is in good condition but the surface of the tooth is not. An impression will be taken of the affected tooth and a replacement cap made which will cover the visible surface of an affected tooth. This cap will then be cemented onto your tooth which will significantly improve its strength and durability.