The Services of a Cosmetic Dentist


What can my local cosmetic dentist offer me to improve my smile?

For many people, using a dentist has been something that they do simply because they feel that they should. Routine maintenance work such as fillings and extractions are as far as many people go. However, if you look around, you will find that there are a lot more dental treatments around than there used to be. Many of them are described as 'cosmetic' but this only tells half of the story.

Whilst some procedures such as teeth whitening are certainly largely cosmetic, others such as dental implants not only improve the appearance of the teeth but allow people much better functions when eating etc., According to a top dentist in Cahir near Tipperary more and more people are joining his practice as patients directly from an NHS dentist rather than from a competitor.

He feels that this is for a mixture of reasons; one being that many are finding it difficult to find a NHS dentist that can they join but others because they feel that the range of treatments that he has on offer is the kind of thing that they are looking for as well as providing excellent quality and care. The most popular treatment is the tooth whitening procedure and this is what most patients initially come for. They are often surprised though to find out what other procedures are available such as dental veneers and implants.

One common complaint of many of the patients is about how ugly their grey or silver fillings are. Most believe that they are stuck with these for the rest if their life and are delighted to discover that tooth coloured fillings can be applied instead and that old fillings can be removed and replaced with these. After tooth whitening, however, dental implants are the most popular.

Although this is a more invasive treatment than tooth whitening, after discussing with the dentist, most realise that this is a long term procedure that will give them a high quality replacement tooth that should last for at least twenty years if taken care of and can even last for thirty five or more. Many patients say that they would have made the move to a cosmetic dentist sooner if it weren't for the cost factor. It wouldn't be fair to deny that cosmetic dentistry is expensive but the prices are coming down all of the time and most dentists do offer methods of payment over a long period of time to help their patients out.