Smile Confidently With Straighter Teeth


The use of clear braces to correct crooked teeth in adults

It's not really surprising that some people don't smile. On closer inspection, you are likely to notice that they have a set of crooked and uneven teeth. Many people have these due to refusing to have metal braces fitted during their younger years. Most have probably long given up on having nice straight teeth again. The good news is that it is never too late and you won't even have to wear those ugly and embarrassing braces that we all know and hate.

The growing presence of clear braces in Hanwell dentists across West London and their use amongst professionals seems to have increased the general awareness of the public in general to this new dental product. This has probably also been due to the fact that this procedure along with many other cosmetic dental procedures are slowly coming down in price, bringing them into the affordable bracket for many more people.

So, what are these clear braces exactly? Well, as the name suggests, they are transparent and made from a medical grade plastic which makes them both strong and hygienic. They actually look nothing like traditional braces and also fit quite differently. Whilst metal braces are actually attached to the teeth, clear braces fit over them in a manner not dissimilar to the tooth whitening trays that you can buy at a chemist (though you are likely to be disappointed with the results) They do however fit tightly which can feel quite strange at first although you will get used to it after a while. Most people report that they find these braces quite comfortable to wear after the initial period.

The braces themselves are created following impressions and x-rays and are specific to each individual person. You will be given probably 4 sets of these, each of which will move your teeth over a short period of time. Once the first one has done its job, the second is placed instead and so this goes until your teeth are back in their correct position. Unlike traditional metal braces, these clear, or invisible as they are sometimes called, braces are also designed to be removed from the mouth whilst eating. This also applies to when you clean your teeth.

This however, is no excuse to simply leave them out as this would mean that the process would take longer to be achieved. Most people that have turned to clear braces to straighten their teeth have reported that not only do they look better, but they feel better too. The fact is that being able to smile and laugh without showing a mouth full of crooked and uneven teeth can only add to a person’s confidence and this is well known to improve your chances of success both in work and in your relationships with others, both of the same and opposite sex!